Protecting our Team

We are pleased to announce a fantastic collaboration with GuardianPro Mouth Guards. These mouth guards are comfortable, strong and the look super smart to0!


A team from GuardianPro came to support the Hockey for Heroes girls as they entered the final stages of training for OpEndure.  Taking impressions of each of the team to send back to their lab to create the bespoke Hockey for Heroes mouth guards. Any of the squad members that were missed were sent a self-impression kit, to create their own molds at home. 

The mouth guards were delivered with in a week, the team immediatly noted how comfortable the fit was and the high level of protection they provided. 

In the first game of the #OpEndure, team Captain, Chloe was struck in the face by the ball. Fearing the worse and convinced that Chloe would have lost some teeth.  Thanks to her Guardian Pro mouth guard her teeth were undamaged and chloe walked away with nothing more than a swollen lip. The injury was so minor that our medical team were happy for Chloe to return to the game after a quick inspection.

Chloe after being hit by a ball in the mouth.

Chloe after being hit by a ball in the mouth.

Sharon Smith, Nadia Moore & Molly Pallet

Sharon Smith, Nadia Moore & Molly Pallet

I’ve genuinely never found a gum shield I liked until I got my custom made one from Guardian Pro
— Molly Pallett, Heroes for Heroes
GuardianPro are proud to support such an inspirational group of women that represented Hockey for Heroes during #OpEndure and support their great work in supporting Help for Heroes helping injured servicemen and women with overt and covert injuries. 
— Dr Edward G Willshire, GuardianPro

GuardianPro believe that supporting such a great cause will not only serve to protect the players of the squad and help raise money for the charity, but also inspire other players to choose the best protection for their smiles; giving their teeth a sporting chance.

You can purchase your own limited addition #perfectfit Hockey for Heroes gumshield directly from the GuardianPro website. For every sale of a Hockey for Heroes mouth Guard GuardianPro will make a donation to Help for Heroes.

GuardianPro are also able to make bespoke gumshields in any design, team colour with club logo all with a #perfectfit. A custom gumshield offers better protection, improved comfort, less interference with speech and breathing, less gag, improved gameplay and better style over boiled gumshields. Why not support Hockey for Heroes by getting your very own #perfectfit custom gumshield from GuardianPro. Check out our website to see what we can offer you or your team, club, school or university and get in touch.